Electronic Dogs

High Tech Pet Humane Electronic Dog Fence
Our model X-10 Electronic Dog Fence is the world’s only HUMANE dog containment system. This is because it uses High Tech Pet’s proprietary Pulsed Proportional Stimulus system. This ingenious technology starts with painless stimulus that acts as a kinesthetic (touch sensatory) cue to instruct your dog to turn around. Stimulus gradually increases as your dog moves closer to the boundary, allowing your dog to decide exactly how much stimulus it takes to trigger a retreat behavior. Training with this system takes a few minutes a day and typically is completed in less than a week. Properly trained dogs will rarely, if ever, receive a stimulus correction that is painful. The result is a safely contained dog without the expense of constructing a physical fence. Safer Dogs – Happier Neighbors! Learn more at www.HiTecPet.com/http://www.hiTecPet.com/electronic-dog-fences.html