Wireless Dog Fence

Which Wireless Dog Fence is Right for a Roadside Property?
http://www.havahartwireless.com/ – Is your home situated very close to a roadway? Watch this video to learn about the optimal dog fence options for your property.

For a property situated closely to a roadway, the Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Fence, the Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Fence or the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence would all be suitable fence options.

The Radial-Shape2 Havahart® Wireless Fence works with roadside properties as long as the home is located at least 20 feet from the roadway. The Controller should be positioned on an outside wall in the center of the home to avoid encroachment on a neighbor’s yard or busy roadway.

The Custom-Shape Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence also works with roadside properties and provides the maximum Roaming Area for this type of property. This fence can be customized to meet your individual design specifications and will protect your dog from traffic on a busy street. If, however, your Fence Boundary would be located within 20 feet of your home, consider installing the Havahart® Fence Free Underground Dog Fence. This fence allows for an underground wired design conforming to the exact shape of your desired coverage area and will discourage your dog from approaching the nearby road.

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