Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence – Dog Boundaries Training – Invisible Fence – Dog Boundaries Training.

Keeping your dog out of an area:

If you follow the simple steps below then keeping your dog out of an area by using a simple command should not be a complicated process.

1. Make it clear — Before you start getting annoyed that your dog keeps walking into kitchen make sure that you dog actually understands where the line is! So many people have an imaginary line that is constantly moving.

2. Use tape to make the line clear — If you are really struggling then the use of a baby gate can be a very useful temporary training tool.

3. Train your dog what you want — If you want it to stay out the kitchen then you will have to put a bit of time at first into training your dog.

4. Choose a word then practice — You can use food treats to train or just clear commands.

5. Isolation — If your dog has learnt the word but is insisting on being disobedient then you can always use The Everyday Isolation Technique to isolate them when they set foot in the area.

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6. Use as little energy as necessary — Try to stay as calm as possible and move your back over the line that you are asking with as little fuss as possible but making it clear and immediate.

7. Avoid eye contact — Remember to avoid eye contact as this actually calls your dog over to you.

8. Consistency — You must reinforce the rule all the time and not just some of the time.

9. Try to set your dog up so that it is able to see you — If you try to set your dog up where they are unable to see you then it is much harder. Whilst this is possible you should take your time trying to reach this level — remember Step By Step!

Invisible Fence – Training your dog to stay outdoors:

As with the above you will train your dog the same way except for when your dog is allowed in and you say the release command such as the “OK Command” or “Inside”.

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