Electric Dog Fence

Electric Dog Fence Pet Barrier
http://www.thedogline.com.au/electronic-dog-fence – What goes in to creating a good Electric Dog Fence to stop dogs escaping.

Here we look at the whole package – and the ONE component that could mean the difference between success and a waist of money. If any part of the Electric dog fence kit breaks down or is not suitable for the dog, then the dog can escape and you ca be faced with not only losing money and time on buying the wrong dog fence – but also an owner is responsible for any problems a dog can cause when it escapes.

The Dog Fence transmitter can suffer from lightning or surge damage so the pet barrier Radio Dog fence has a unique 3rd pin on the transformer to prevent surge damage… this is also covered under the warranty.

The Dog Fence collars are fully programmable to assist with training the dog – start at the low levels to train the dog gradually and then increase until it becomes the dogs decision to stay away from the fence.

The wire needs to be of top quality – a pvc wire can break down prematurely suffering from the UV. So our Electronic dog fence wire has a HDPe coating for a 20year UV rating. It features a seven strand coper core which is 1mm in diameter so it is extra strong.

The transmitter has a unique FM coded digital radio frequency – this means the system will not affect the radio signals around the house… and, the radio frequency will not be affected by other radio signals in the area. having 2 radio dog fences next door to each other can cause the radio signals to be affected by each other and allow a dog to escape.