Wire Fencing

Tying Off High Tensile Wire
Step-by-step tying of a high tensile slip knot. This knot is used when tying off high tensile smooth wire or the horizontals of high tensile woven wire to your corner braces and end braces.

This is the preferred method for tying off your ends because it gives a secure anchor point for the fence wire but still allows for some movement of the wire if something impacts the fence.

1. Bring the wire around your post, going over the top when it crosses itself. Grip it where the wire crosses back over itself.

2. From the point where the wire crossed itself, you will need about 12-18 inches of smooth wire to tie the knot. (If you don’t leave it long enough, the high tensile wire will be very difficult to tie. If it is too long at this point, you can use high tensile wire cutters to trim off the excess.)

3. At the point where the wire crossed itself, bend the wire down at about a 45 degree angle.

4. Measure down a couple of inches and bend the wire back in the other direction to for a “Z”. Here we measure off about 3 finger widths for the second bend.

5. Bring your wire back over the top of itself. The wire will catch itself in the first bend of the “Z”

6. Gripping from the tail end, push the second bend of the “Z” up through the opening between the wire and the post. When the second bend comes up through the opening, you can use your other hand to help pull it all the way through.

7. Once pulled through, straighten the wire out and bend it back over itself on the back side of the wire. This will form a dime to penny sized loop around the wire.

8. Now you will bend 2-3 tight wraps around the horizontal wire to close off the knot. Pull the wire down and measure down about 4-6 inches and bend a 90 degree handle into it. Using the bend in the handle as your leverage point, wrap the wire around itself 2-3 times.

9. After you have 2-3 tight wraps completed, make another wrap about half way around the wire. Pull it back around to you and then use the handle to crank the wire around and break it off. Do not twist the wire, but crank it around in a circle pointing down the fence line. This wire should break off cleanly after about a turn or so.