Wireless Dog Fence

Havahart Wireless Radial Shape Dog Fence

Stretch the boundaries of wireless dog fencing with the Radial-Shape Havahart Wireless Dog Fence–the industry’s most advanced do-it-yourself, dog containment system that is easy to use and reasonably priced. This is the world’s first digital wireless dog containment system to offer a Roaming Area that can expand the fence radius from 40 feet up to 400 feet (up to 11.5 acres) and close to 20 times more Roaming Area than provided by the leading brand. The Havahart 5134G Radial system gives you a choice of ordering your system with small or large collars. For larger dogs, we have the 5134GX for neck sizes 14 to 27 inches. For smaller dogs with neck sizes of 10″ to 17″, we have the 5134GXS. The system is capable of containing up to 2 dogs; this wireless dog fence combines powerful new breakthrough technology with a stylish, compact Controller. It is easy to install with no need for digging up your yard. In about 1 hour you can have your wireless fence up and running and begin training your dog.