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Remote Electronic Dog Training – How will dog perform without collar on?
http://www.sitmeanssit.com How will our dogs perform without their remote electronic collar on? I went to the dog park today to find out. This is a very unplanned scenario, and a difficult place for dogs to listen in, especially with all the smells and other dogs. I’ve had some email requests to see my dog in a dog park listening even though all the smells and other dogs may come up to him in there. I went to the dog park today, and asked someone to take the camera and shoot some video which I thought would be entertaining to listen to their feedback, since I knew they would not be familiar with the camera. Sometimes this can produce funny comments.

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In any case, here is me and “Nash” with no toys, collars, food, choke chains, pinch collars, electronic collars or any other training aid on the dog.
This is very good random training in that the loose dogs make it a completely uncontrolled environment and your training has to maintain if you do not have the aids of leashes or cookies.

This is good to do to see where your attentiveness in your dog is at. Of course the dog parks are also good to let the dogs play as well. A lot of the people around sometimes try and keep their dogs away because they think they will be disturbing my dog while he is training, but dog parks are there for the people to enjoy, and at Sit Means Sit dog training, we always welcome the distraction.