Electronic Dogs

Electronic Dog Collars (Dogtra 2300 NCP) | Back to Basics Show
Electronic dog training collars can be valuable training tools for sportsmen, trainers, and just regular ol’ dog owners. I’m Kyle, AKA The Social Regressive, and my dogs have frightened me badly at times. The little Rat Terrier/Italian Greyhound, Daisy, likes to bark at strangers and get scrappy with other people’s pets. The Boxador, Gus, will chase pretty much anything that moves and wants to love on all the children in the neighborhood without regard to whether or not they want to be loved on. After a few nasty situations that could have ended in lawsuits or the deaths of Gus and Daisy, I decided to buy some electronic dog collars.

The featured Dogtra 2300 NCP is an impressive system, and if you would like to put some real teeth into your training regimen (especially at a distance), then I would highly recommend this somewhat expensive purchase (~0). This is money well spent.

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