Electric Dog Fence

Installing an Above Ground Electric Dog Fence 800-396-5517
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1. Much less installation time and labor, for small lots a full wire installation can be done in an hour or two compared to 6-8 hours for a full burial installation.
2. Much easier to find breaks, many people think that burying the wire is critical in protecting a dog fence wire, but in truth you’re as likely to break a wire that’s buried 2-4 inches deep as you would be a properly laid above ground installation. The main focus is to securely get the wire fastened to the ground so that it is protected against lawn mower blades and is not a trip hazard. Its also much easier to avoid breaking the wire if you know where it is while working on your property, if its hidden just below the service you are more likely to cut the wire with and edger or common lawn tools.
3. You don’t have to worry about renting a machine, most homeowners have all the tools available that we showed you here.
4. You don’t have to hire a pro which could cost anywhere from 0 to 00
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2. installing The Transmitter in an outdoor PVC Box,
a. In this particular case we are installing the transmitter box in an outdoor water protected PVC box for ease of installation, this makes drilling through the foundation of the house unnecessary.
b. Explanation: most homes have some type of outdoor outlet which makes this possible.
c. Installation and water proofing of the exterior outlet, we want to protect the outlet from getting moisture or water into the outlet.