Wireless Dog Fence

Explore the Science Behind Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences
http://www.havahartwireless.com/store/wireless-dog-fence — All Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences feature an extended 400 to 500 foot Roaming Area, but how does it work? How can Havahart® Wireless offer such large boundaries? This video explains the science behind Havahart® Wireless Dog Fences.

The technological innovation of Havahart® Wireless dog containment systems starts with the revolutionary nanoLOC TRX 2.4 and the Kalman Filter, which is the same data filtering technique used by NASA! Using the Kalman Filter, the nanoLOC transceiver performs well beyond the standard, helping your Havahart® Wireless Dog Fence maintain a constant signal and boundary.

Unlike other products on the market, Havahart® Wireless features two-way communication between the Collar and Controller and data filtering capabilities, both of which enable you to track the location of your dog in your yard. Our groundbreaking, innovative technology gives our customers and their dogs the absolute best wireless dog fence on the market.

Take an in-depth look at the capabilities of our wireless dog fences in this video, and learn more online at http://www.havahartwireless.com/.