Electric Fence

Brainiac – Electric Fence

Clip taken from UK Show, Brainiac, Season 1 Episode 4.
Electric Fence Experiment

Richard Hammond shows the Brainiacs how fun Electricity can be.

Also, yes, if you are in the air when the electricity goes through, you don’t get a shock. You don’t get shocked if the circuit (box to fence to person to ground to box) doesn’t complete.

On top of that, the end where he ALMOST shakes Hammond’s hand, he doesn’t. Also, the slight gap in time between feet hitting ground and the shock can be attributed to the 1-2 second delay caused by the fence not being constantly on.

1st Song: Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage
0:00 – 1:04
1:20 – 1:33

2nd Song: Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (Ringbang Remix).
2:20 – 5:20